Driving school Bury st Edmunds Stowmarket
Driving school Bury st Edmunds Stowmarket
Driving school Bury st Edmunds Stowmarket

Your First Driving Lesson

The first driving lessons often make learners nervous as they don't know what to expect. On most occasions however, it's worth knowing that the first driving lesson goes very well and the learner is very happy at the end.

Here I will discuss what happens on your first driving lesson with Motoring 2 Day and what you will do on your first driving lesson so you will know what to expect.

When booking your lesson, we will arrange a pick up and drop off location. This is often your house, or could be a different location such as college, friends or work. You will be asked to bring along your provisional driving licence just for your first driving lesson to ensure you are legal to drive. How your first driving lesson starts largely depends on the area that you are picked up from and how long the lesson lasts.

If you are being picked up in a busy area, I will meet and greet you and will check your provisional driving licence. I will then ask you to sit in the passenger seat as I will take you somewhere quieter for your first driving lesson. The area you will be taken to is often a quiet residential street or industrial estate. You will often be driven to this starting location until you are proficient enough to start lessons from your busy pick up location. On the way to your starting area, you will be given a lesson plan, describing what you will do on your first driving lesson & a demonstration of some of the controls.

The cockpit drill & Controls

Now that you have arrived at your quiet location for your first driving lesson, you will then be asked to sit in the driver's seat where the cockpit drill & controls is explained.

The cockpit drill involves explaining how to set up the correct seating & mirrors position & safety checks before starting.

You will then move onto controls which involve learning what the various pedals and levers do, plus how to operate them.

During all subjects, training material such as diagrams & videos will be used to help you understand easier.

The cockpit drill & controls should take no longer than 30 minutes or so to complete.

Moving the car off and stopping

Before you drive the car, we will go through the procedure of moving the car off and stopping. Again training material such as diagrams & videos will be used to help you understand easier. We will cover how to move the car off using the various equipment in the car and also how to do it safely by use of mirrors and blind spot, then how to park up on the left using the cars equipment and how to do so safely. After explaining this, you will then be given the chance to drive the car for the first time.

This is often a nervous time for learner drivers but you will only be travelling a short distance down the road before you stop. Also, don't forget that I have dual controls so if anything was to go wrong, I can take full control. You will have a number of goes at this, depending on development. At the end of the lesson we will then change seats and will drive to the agreed drop of point.

The above is only a guide and will be changed to suit your needs; if you develop quickly, it is likely that you will move onto junctions or roundabouts during the first lesson. It's possible that you could even drive to the drop of location depending on its location and how much you have developed.

At the end of your first driving lesson

When we arrive at your chosen drop off location which can often be different from your pick up point if you wish. We will discuss how we think your first lesson went and what to expect on the next lesson.

We then discuss future driving lesson bookings that will work around your schedule & in the time frame that you wish to pass by.

Still have a couple of questions?

I hope the above has helped however if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 07864 193107 or email me on info@motoring2day.co.uk, alternatively click here for frequently asked questions.