Driving school Bury st Edmunds Stowmarket
Driving school Bury st Edmunds Stowmarket
Driving school Bury st Edmunds Stowmarket

Automatic or Manual, Which is Better?

I have taught many people to drive over the years and can safely say that everyone is different, one thing which is common though is most find something difficult along the way, this could be perhaps dealing with roundabout's or parking, others find synchronising a clutch & gears together difficult.
You may be learning to drive right now or previously tried and struggled with the clutch and gears or maybe you have a disability that stands in the way of changing gears. Well if you are finding this the case then Automatic may be the best option to getting your driving licence.
Pros & Cons with Automatic
I just want to get from A to B as easily as possible
Driving a car with an automatic transmission is certainly easier. Driving around busy towns and city's requires constant gear changing as you frequently stop at traffic lights and junctions. Depressing the clutch and perfecting clutch control on a manual transmission can be challenging and tiresome for some – all of which is not an issue with automatic cars.
Even some experienced drivers who have taken and passed the driving test never seem to get to grips with a manual cars clutch and may on many occasions stall the car when moving off. Again, this is a problem not found in automatics. Automatic cars are in some respects also safer as there is no need to change gears therefore both hands can be kept on the steering wheel.
I need to take my driving test. What's the quickest and easiest option?
Learning to synchronise the clutch with the gears is a challenge and inevitably takes time, in a automatic this is not the case as there is no clutch meaning it's easier and faster to learn basic car control, in some cases is also means less money is likely to be spent on driving lessons as less driving lessons are required.
If I have an automatic driving licence, what's my options?
An Automatic licence is only permitted to drive a Automatic vehicle, If you wanted to drive a manual, you will need to re-sit the UK driving test for manual transmission cars. If you however went straight for a Manual licence you would be permitted to drive either a manual or automatic.
How much will a automatic car cost?
Manual transmission cars are currently cheaper than the automatic equivalent. An automatic transmission is more complicated than a manual transmission to develop and build and in the UK there are less of them manufactured, therefore automatics cost more to make and ultimately cost more to purchase to the consumer.
However the EU has set mandatory emission reduction targets for all new cars, in order for car manufactures to hit these targets they are pushing development towards electric and hybrid vehicles all of which are all automatic vehicles. Long term you will likely see an increase in automatic's being available therefore reducing the cost of an automatic vehicle.
Still not sure which to choose?
The above are just some of the pro's and con's with Automatics, if your still not sure, why not try both, not many driving schools offer the option of both manual and automatic but here at Motoring 2 Day I do, this gives you the option of both without having to change driving instructors.